Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spring Break!

It wasn't all Baseball this Spring Break. We actually found time to soak it up in our pool! Temperatures got around 80 degrees so we had to cool off!

Dixie Indians take 2nd in March Madness Tourney!

Dixie Indians went 4-0 in regular play. On championship tournament day they beat Taylorsville (which they have never beat before). Next they went on to beat the Raiders. Finally they made it into the Championship Game! We came up against the best team in utah, the Horns from Salt Lake. They are loaded with talent! But we gave them a run for their money but came up short. 2nd place isn't bad when their were 45 teams in the 13 yr. old bracket! Were really proud of them! Clay posted a .455 batting average for this tourney! Go INDIANS!

March Madness tourney

Lincoln's RED STORM teammates. He told me the other day on our way home from a game, "Mom, I feel truly honored to be a part of this team." He's such a hoot!

Lincoln was catcher for his first time for one inning. We all cheered when he actually caught a ball! It was hilarious! I'm hopeful that he will want to continue playing catcher (that was my position in high school). Hopefully one of my children will follow in their mom's footsteps!

Here's Brig in his new REBEL SPORTS REBEL's Debut. His team just got sponsored by Rebel Sports and they got fully decked out with uniforms, cleats, bags, etc. Wow! They went 4-0 this tourney and lost their first game in the championship day. They beat the SL Marshall's who are (or were) the best team in our league. So now they know they can beat anyone!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Baseball Season is HERE!

I knew this day would come when all 3 of my boys were playing tournament ball. It is way exciting and way busy trying to get to all of their games. On Saturday we had 6 baseball games! CRAZY! Tim still coaches the Dixie Indians (Clays team), but also helps the Heat (Brig's team). Linc will have to wait a few years for his turn for Dad to coach.
Clay's team made it to championship day with 4 and 0 record. Lost 1st game in championship. Brig's team stunk it up with 0 and 4 record. Linc, well, it doesn't really matter who wins or loses at his age. Good experience I guess!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Sledding in Lindon!

We had so much fun sledding in Lindon with Ryan and Jamie and their Family. We don't get much snow in St. George so Tatum had no clue what all the white stuff was! She kept touching the snow and saying, "brrr, coldy." Of course Lady had to come with us too!

The boys took many crash landings. Were not used to all the snow!


Aubrey and Tatum sledding together over the holidays. These two were hilarious watching them come down the mountain all by themselves!